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The Noom App Reviews 2023 – Best Weight Loss App

Everywhere online, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Tumblr, ads for “Noom” have been popping up like crazy. You might have seen such an ad, especially if you follow or have subscribed to diet-related pages.

Since you’re here to learn what noom mood is, let me break it down for you: Noom is a weight loss app courtesy of behavioral psychologists that helps users lose weight on a long-term basis.

What is Noom?

noom coach

The Noom App has been designed by a combination of specialists in the health sector, including:

  • Behavioral psychologists
  • Nutritionists
  • Clinical exercise specialists
  • Medical doctors who are licensed

The whole concept behind this creation is to help users create tangible and sustainable lifestyle changes. In short, using Noom will have you losing weight gradually and keeping it at bay.

The 16-week courses have been clinically proven and have helped many people across the globe achieve their health goals.

Statistics shared with users show that the company has worked with 45+ million people across the planet and produced the following results:

83 percent of diabetics have control over their glucose levels.Seventy-three percent of these people have reduced their risk of diabetes-related death.

For more than a year, 60% of those who used this weight loss plan maintained a consistent weight loss schedule.

How Does It Work?

As opposed to many other weight loss programs in the offing today, Noom’s weight loss app includes a whole lifestyle approach. As much as food is a crucial component, this isn’t just the main focus.

The app leans more towards psychology and helps users switch from their old habits gradually and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

To make it easier for you, the company uses color-coding in green, yellow, and red to classify foods. The app advises that it’s okay to eat from all the codes, but it helps users eat the ideal food amounts.

As a user, you get assigned to a Goal Specialist (GS). The coach works with you at an individual level, offering both support and guidance. You liaise with the coach once a week to review your progress and set a new short-term goal.

You will communicate through the messaging platform on the app. The app provides you with weekly topics that center on a plethora of healthy eating areas that you can use to find out where you need to make changes.

To make your goals tangible, your coach will encourage you to weigh yourself and record your results weekly.

The coach will use the records to set goals that will help you achieve better results. For users that love working with others, Noom offers group support.

You can join groups or create one and get to share your journey with others for encouragement and support.

Signing up for Noom

Sign-Up For those interested in joining others and achieving their weight loss goal, it’s very simple. Start by visiting You will have to fill out a simple form within seconds, indicating how much you weigh and how much you intend to lose. You will also be asked to register your height, your gender, and your age range.

You will register how healthy your lifestyle is and if you are at risk of one or more of the following conditions:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Stroke
  3. Osteoarthritis
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Heart disease
  6. Kidney disease
  7. Others

You then indicate the challenges that you encounter when trying to make healthy choices. You have to mention the situations that lead you to develop unhealthy habits.

The data collected is used to generate a custom plan that will help you with your weight loss journey. Here’s the catch: to ensure that you’re committed to the plan, you will be required to select a membership plan.

You will have to mention your priorities in nutrition, physical activity, and creating quality habits. You are also advised to list any food allergies, physical limitations or dietary restrictions you may have.

The Noon Membership Plan

Every new member is granted a 14-day trial period. The plans are split into the following categories:

Monthly: $59/mo.

Plan for two months: $49.50/month

$32.25/month for a four-month plan

After the trial period expires, you start paying the fees attached to your selected plan.

Noom Pros

A color-coded food logging system

Syncing to various fitness apps

Help with group charts

Daily behavioral modification lessons

Goals can be met with the assistance of an expert coach.

Noom Cons

It is available as an app.

needs dedication and self-motivation.

The monthly charges are on the higher side.

It focuses majorly on healthy eating.

Noom’s 16-Week Course

Noom has opened a 16-week course that runs under two programs, namely, Healthy Weight and Diabetes Prevention. Users follow lifestyle intervention techniques that help them develop healthy eating patterns, better physical habits, and overcome barriers. This course will teach you how to sleep better and how to manage stress effectively.

This course teaches you how to lose 7% of your body weight in a healthy way.

Both courses offer a structured curriculum that you will receive daily as content. The articles forwarded talk about physical activity, weight loss, nutrition, etc. You will be given challenges that are interactive to help you develop healthy habits.


According to the Noom reviews, many users have finally admitted to having distorted thoughts.

By using the psychological aspect, Noom continues to help users understand why they keep leading the lifestyle they are and what to do about it.

The program helps you combine psychology, exercise, and healthy eating habits to achieve weight loss in the long run.

For people with diabetes, Noom is a must-have program if they want to keep their diabetes in check and lead a healthy, normal, and long life.

The 16-week course, if followed keenly, will help people with diabetes reduce their body weight by a whopping 7 percent.

Many users confess that the Noom app continues to help them change their behavior for the better and prepares them for a healthier lifestyle after they’re done with the program.

With all of the millennia-old sensations about healthy living and positive thinking, I believe Noom will explode and become a worldwide phenomenon!

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